Monday, April 21, 2008

30 is fabulous!

Happy Birthday Holly! Today my best friend Holly turns 30! And let me tell you she makes 30 look really good. On Saturday, Gary's mom watched the kids over night and we got to go out for Holly's birthday party ( thank you so much Patty, you have no idea how much we needed it!). We had so much fun! We started at the Brown Bear in Pentwater, we had the whole top floor to ourselves. Then we moved on to the Antler, and finally finished the night up at the Pub. My feet still hurt! When we got to the pub they were pretty much ready to close the place down for the night. They didn't have a DJ and only one poor girl to bartend for our huge group! They were so good to us though, they got some help to bartend and let Gary and Steve in the DJ booth! I think this was Gary's dream come true, I see a new career in his future:) It was so much fun, thank you Holly!

The birthday girl

The DJ's

Holly, me, Kristen and Alli

Yesterday was so warm, we packed up the kids and went to my dad's to play at the lake. We couldn't keep the kids out of the water. Little by little each article of clothing got wet. I
guess we should have figured that would happen and just let them wear bathing suits

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's so good to be home

I had one of those days where you just can't wait to be home. I took today off of work because I had 2 exams starting at 4pm. I have been studying at the college since 9:00 this morning and I just feel drained. The kids are at my mother-in-laws house with Gary and I am just enjoying the quiet house before they burst in the door.

But Mom....

This morning I walk into Kennedy's room to help her tie her shoes and I notice something on her bed. It looks like writing in bright pink pen. I am instantly angry! So I asked her, " What is this, Who did this?" She of course has no idea. So I look a little closer and realize it says kennedy, with a few lines scratching it out. I am super mad by now and she is crying and saying sorry over and over and then she says, " but Mom, Dad gave me a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast!" That girl is sneaky. She was hoping I would forget about her scribbles on the bed and focus my anger at Gary for giving her a cookie for breakfast! I told her next time she wanted to try to lie about writing on her bed she shouldn't sign it with her name. She has so much to learn! (by the way Gary is definately not off the hook for the cookie thing either!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

As promised...

Better late than is a pic of my "new do " as promised. I am still learning how to do it, but so far it takes a lot less time in the morning. And when I am trying to get my 4 year old daughter, my 16 month old son and my 30 year old husband out the door at 6AM every minute counts!

FYI: I have a stock tip for anyone that likes to play the market....ipod shuffle. Gary and I have purchased 3 since Christmas! The curse of the ipod lives on. I blogged awhile ago about the ipod that I bought Gary for Christmas (ipod#1) that accidently ruined my laptop screen. We replaced the laptop a few days later and last month Gary left that ipod in his jeans pocket and it went through the wash and fried it. Well Gary decided he just couldn't live without one so he went out and replaced it (ipod #2). After that I thought that I would probably use one a lot at school when I study, so Gary surprised me with at cute little purple one (ipod #3). Last week I threw in a load of laundry before I left for work. When I got to work Gary called me and said not to wash the jeans that were on top of the dirty clothes because he thought he left his ipod in the pocket again. I said, "oh you mean the jeans that are swishing around in soap and water as we speak?" So needless to say, we are NOT allowed to give Apple any more of our money and Gary has to sit in his car if he wants to listen to the radio and he is not allowed to own anything smaller than a toilet paper roll.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad blogger with a cool purse...

Ok, Ok...Jenn says I am the worst blogger EVER! I know I am. I always want to blog and I think about it daily, but time gets away from me and before I know it, it's time for bed. So I am really, REALLY going to try to be a better blogger...I promise.

So today I left work early so I could get my hair cut. It should have been done a month ago, but I am as bad at making hair appointments as I am at keeping my blog up. I ended up going to Glamazon, which is the salon in the AMAZON building by heritage landing in Muskegon. All I can say is wow! This was my first time there and it was so nice. I was just telling my sister that it has been a long time since I have left a haircut absolutely loving my hair, lately I have been lucky to just walk out with it dry. Well this time I was ready to go out! I loved it and I had the coolest guy cut it. I never thought I would like a guy cutting my hair but he was amazing. So if you are ever looking for a new place to get a cut, I highly recommend Greg from Glamazon. ( it doesn't hurt that he is pretty easy on the eyes too!) I will post a pic tomorrow of my new do.

My sister is having a Lill purse party in May and I am starting to get really excited! I first heard about Lill when my best friend Holly gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. I spent the next 3 days designing my perfect purse, and I loved it! They are a little pricey, but worth every cent. There are a ton of different styles to choose from and you can mix and match any fabric you want. It's a dream come true! I have been trying to get ahead start on the one I want to order at the party otherwise I will be there all night deciding. Here is my favorite one so far, but I am still looking! The next picture is the Lill purse I already own. Every woman needs one or two of these...