Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why can't everything be this fun?

So last Friday I went to Scrapbook 101 for a crop with my sister and Mya. I have been putting my looovve for scrapbooking on hold while dealing with school. But, Jenn talked me into taking a brake and I am so glad she did. I remember why I love it so much and I just wish everything in life was as just as easy and fun (not to mention stress-relieving)! I am full of inspiration and would love to do it every Friday!

Week 7 of the ol' diet...down 1.6 pounds...total 13.6 pounds!

Here are some random pictures of the kids over the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's week 6 and no change in the weight department...bummer! I think it might be time to bring out the big guns! I guess I better plug in the elliptical. I watched Biggest Loser tonight, very motivating! So maybe next week the scale will budge.
I have a busy week ahead of me. Next Monday I have my first Pharmacology Exam and an Exam in NUR 123. I have 2 pages worth of meds to memorize, I think I am going to need a miracle to get through it. I talked to Holly tonight ( she is an RN at Hackley) She was able to keep me from pulling my hair out. Thanks Hol, it probably wont be the last time!
I am trying to download some pictures, but blogland wont let me for some reason...I'll try again later. Have a good week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

week 5 ALREADY!

Just a quick update tonight because I have a nursing test out tomorrow morning and I need to practice a little. First things first...weighed in this morning and I am down 1.4 pounds, Total lost is 12 pounds! I got my second order of Nutrisystem and I am so much happier because it was filled with all the foods I like ( basically, pizza and chocolate:)

This weekend we decided to put Reid into a big boy bed. It was not planned at all. I had to do it because he woke up twice on Saturday screaming because his arm was wedged in the rail on his crib. He has really big muscles! So Gary and I decided we better just move him. Scared to death to take the crib down just in case it didn't work out, but I do not have enough room to keep it up, so down it went. I was a little sad while watching Gary take it apart, knowing it will never be put back together at my house:( But, we have had a lot of fun with Reid in his new bed. Saturday night I was completely prepared to spend the evening trying to get him to stay in his bed. To out surprise, he only got out once on Saturday night and after I put him back he fell asleep right away and we haven't had a problem since. I think he likes being a big boy! I'll try to post pictures of his cool new bed later this week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's week 4 and the first day of preschool!

Today was Kennedy's 2nd day of preschool. Gary took Monday off to take her because I had class all day. Today I didn't have class until 6pm so it was my first day bringing her. She is in the morning group so I got her an Reid ready and we were on our way at 8:15AM. I was doing okay because Gary told me she was great the day before, she actually told him he had to leave so she could go play. So I was thinking it would be no big deal...Until she hugged me and whispered in my ear, "mom can you just come into my class with me for a little bit?" Ugh! I felt my hear break a little bit. I have been used to dropping her off at day care for the last 4 years, but it is so much easier when you know the person you are leaving your daughter with. Here, I am trusting a woman I don't even know, to watch after her, take her to the bathroom and make sure she is okay. I know it will get easier. She is already very excited for tomorrow, and told me that "preschool is so easy mom!"

Reid also likes preschool. They have this rocker in the hallway that I have to pick him off of kicking and screaming. Then I get to hear him ask where Kennedy is for the next 3 hours. He misses her so much!

Here is Reid doing his tricks on the 4 wheeler. I have a bad feeling we will have some broken bones in the future!

This is a picture of the soldered necklace I made recently. I got this really fun solder kit at a scrapbook convention earlier this year and have been trying to squeeze in time to play with it. I cut up tiny pieces of scrapbook paper to make the flower and pressed it between 2 small pieces of glass. Then soldered around it. I have also been having fun with some new beading, so I made the charm hanging from it too. Lots of fun, wish I had more time for it though.

Weigh In...So I am going to switch my weigh in day to Tuesday next week because I have class all day every Monday so Tuesdays will be much easier. I weighed in yesterday and I lost 1.8 pounds...so that's a total of 10.6 pounds! Very happy about this, and hoping I can lose another 10 next month!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 3

I know it's Tuesday, I'm late! I did weigh in yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to log it. We had a busy last week of summer. Kennedy starts preschool next Monday, but my classes began today. It always seemed like when I was in high school the first few days were always spent getting everyone used to the class and easing you into it. This is the biggest change I have noticed in college. No one has time to ease into anything. On the first day of class you are already behind! In all of my nursing classes the professors emailed our assignments to us a week before and they were to be finished on the first day. I have been in class all day today. It's 9:30pm and I just got out of my last class. I am exhausted, but I have to prepare for my lab on hand hygeine and vitals for class tomorrow morning.
So, last week I did good on my diet. I am down another 1.2 pounds. So my grand total is 8.6 pounds gone. This is good, it's kind of slow, but from what I understand the slower it comes off the more likely it will stay off for good. I think my hardest part is going to be finding time to get all the food in that I am suppose to eat on the days I am in class. Today was so crazy, all I got to eat was a bowl of Nutriflakes (aka: branflakes, the "nutri" thing cracks me up!) this morning, a grilled chicken salad at lunch, and I just had a "Nutri" crunch bar. I know it's not good to eat too little, your body will start a starvation mode and hold onto all the fat. I definitely don't want this to happen, so I will figure out how to eat everything.
I have lots of new pictures of the kids I will post at some point this week, it's been awhile and I know it's way more fun to read someone's blog when you have their cute kids to look at! Have a great week!