Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just another day in the life...

At 5am the alarm clock goes off. I have to reach around Kennedy to shut it off, who at some point crawled into our bed in the middle of the night.

5:15am...Get on the change, I'm mad enough to eat a donut on my way to school.

6:45am...drop the kids off at my mother-in-laws house.

7:20...Get to the college...learn how to administer meds and injections. I think I am going to need my own injection just to do this to someone else.

11am...get a break from school, stop at Walmart to get badly needed cat food. Spend a ridiculous amount of time there and get into my car and realize I forgot the cat food.
Stop and see Jenn..dropping off some goodies for a friend of hers that is having a baby.

1pm...head home, wishing I could take a nap...but have to get the kids.

3pm ...start some homework and get dinner ready.

3:30pm...Gary is home from work. He brings me a gigantic fountain diet pop from Wesco. Love him for it, yum! I turn around from cutting up onion to find that Reid has preceded to draw a masterpiece in blue marker all over my bottom cupboards. I am so mad because the day before he took the same marker and colored my windows. I thought I threw it away!

4pm..get out Kennedy's shirt she is wearing for school pictures tomorrow. It's a very cute short, puffy sleeved turtleneck that I got at Children's Place. I love the shirt and bought it specifically for this day. I figure she better try it on though just in case its too big. Well I never saw this coming..she through a massive fit about it being a turtleneck. She said that it was choking her and refused to wear it. I was so mad, this was my plan and I had no plan B. After a lot of arguing, Gary told her that I had some lotion that we could put on her neck that would keep the shirt from choking her. He is totally worked and everything ended up fine. I owe him.

4:30pm...everyone is watching Drake and Josh. They are trying to fit their entire fists into their mouths and Kennedy and Reid decide it would be a great idea too. Kennedy tries so hard, but can't do it...Reid tries and almost has it, when he suddenly pukes all over the couch! He couldn't fit his hand in his mouth, but he found his gag reflex.

4:35pm...Shampoo couch.

4:45pm...dinner is done,,mmm,mmm....I think about how badly I want to eat a gigantic bowl of it as I scarf down a smoothie and head out the door to the college for my Anthropology class.

4:46pm...Drive to the corner and pass a sheriff car in the middle of the road. There is a kid in the road laying on his stomach, the sheriff is on top of him...looks like a gun/tazer(sp?) at his back.'s almost like COPS is filming here...we might be famous! I am so excited to see this I instantly call Gary..he will love it. (I also remind him to lock the door)

9pm..Get out of class...soo tired I am a little light headed and almost lose it right there in the hallway. I was so embarrassed. I probably should have eaten the chili and maybe even the donut earlier!

9:30pm..get home just in time for the end of Biggest Loser.

10pm...I start getting everyone's clothes ready for the next day. Kennedy has school pictures and I am making a barrette for her hair.

11pm...finish everything up and go to bed..

(weight update...I forgot to post last week and somehow I have logged it wrong. I also keep track of this on Nutrisystems website so I must have copied it wrong on here. I am down 17 lbs all together.)